Art by Deborah Beck

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 I have been an artist and art teacher for many years, working with a diversity of 

students in a variety of settings, public and private.   I taught in the NYC Public Schools until 1995 as an art teacher and drug prevention educator/counselor, and since that time have worked in art residencies and other venues, including as a teaching artist through Arts Westchester.   Presently I teach a painting/drawing and a collage class (adults) at the Blue Door Art School, in Yonkers, NY.  Other classes included teaching art at the Eugenia Marie de Hostos Society School in Yonkers, NY (grade 2),  the Chautauqua Institute  School of Art, Chautauqua, NY (ages 5-11), AB Davis Middle School, Nt. Vernon NY (grade 7),  Margot Fontaine Academy of Ballet, Peekskill, NY (ages 

 5 - 15),  Phelps Continuing Day Treatment Program, Briarcliff Manor, NY (adults), SUNY 

Cobbleskill, NY (adults),  Studio in a School,  NYC (grades K- 6, P.S. 111Q, Queens, NYC (grades K-5). and more.

   I enjoy  working with students  of all levels and ages, beginners through advanced.  The art experience can be both fun and transformative for those 

participating in my classes, as each student goes on a personal journey of exploration.expression, and self discovery.  We work by building up blocks 

of skills, such as use of line, color, composition, contrast, brush work, texture, etc.  This increases each individual's technique/vocabulary, giving them the tools to express their own personal vision.