Art by Deborah Beck

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A native New Yorker, I was born in Brooklyn, and at 14 years old my family moved to Seaford L.I.  Manhattan called to me, and Roosevelt Island, where I lived in for many years.  I longed to teach and became an art teacher and drug prevention educator/counselor in the NYC Public Schools in Manhattan, and then in Queens, NY.  In 2002 I moved to the “country”, to Peekskill, NY with my husband and our cat and three dogs (a full house!)   After leaving the NYC schools, I have taught art in various residencies and venues with diverse populations, through organizations such as my affiliation as a teaching artist with Arts Westchester.

In addition to my devotion to painting and printmaking, I am an actress, singer and dancer.  I have performed in various productions in Peekskill, NYC, and Roosevelt Island.  For example, I played several roles (Sophie, etc) in "Annie"  and Exotica in "Cats" both with Antonia Arts at the Paramount Theatre,  and Essie in "You Can't Take it With You", directed by Eric Coleman with the UFT Players.

Movement -I have been told that I have a great deal of movement in my artwork, perhaps reflecting my dance orientation and background.  

Travel has been another passion of mine, having visited many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, South and Central America, the Middle East, Australia and Africa.  Everywhere I go I find interesting art and people, which inspires my work in new explorations and directions.  Nature is a fascination of mine, and camera in hand I discover many new and beautiful flora and fauna, and land/sea/skyscapes for future paintings and prints.  Add to that my great love of animals which influences my work and leads me to spend many hours of online activism on their behalf.  It is this that has led to my recent paintings of animal portraits.  Should you be interested in commissioning me to create a portrait of your pet, please do contact me.

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